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Analysis on the market demand of mixer in the new environmental protection situation of Weiqing electromechanical Equipment
Release time:2020-08-08 10:17:34 Clicks:174

    Agitator has been widely used in environmental protection projects, vertical agitator used in environmental engineering projects as the application of drug mixing case everywhere, in the current domestic environmental protection situation and requirements, the relationship between agitator and environmental protection is greater.

    Recently, we chatted with senior people in the chemical industry. It was mentioned that many industrial parks of chemical industry have raised new environmental protection requirements. The design of most blenders must consider the requirements of environmental protection. Aspects, such as: seal before the workshop is a little smell, as long as it's not the smell is toxic, nobody tube you, but now can't, you have to do it in the workshop, which requires the operation of the agitator seal need to be very reliable seal, this requirement means that it has "zero leakage" special magnetic transmission mixing chance more welcome and valued by the market, although the cost of magnetic transmission mixer to expensive, but it can not leak sealing for a long time, has the advantage of the mechanical seal of reach.

    Consultation and exchange a recent company for high viscosity material dispersion and mixing project, before the owner is the dispersion machine or mortar mixer, filled with dust, but the whole workshop working environment is very bad, now customer local environmental protection department has come, forced the rectification, hope the owner change mixing technology and equipment, as a professional manufacturer of the mixer we therefore provides a magnetic seal planetary mixer mixing equipment related Suggestions or function.

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