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Vacuum feeder

The electric vacuum feeder is composed of a vacuum pump (no oil, no water), stainless steel suction nozzle, conveying hose, filter, compressed air blowback device, pneumatic discharge door device, vacuum hopper and material level automatic control device, etc. The whole system is designed reasonably and exquisitely manufactured

National Service Hotline: 17768618000


Product Introduction

This machine is composed of vacuum system, conveying hose, filter, blowback device, discharge valve, suction nozzle, etc. It has easy loading and unloading, easy cleaning, low noise, dust-free conveying, long-distance conveying, high material lifting height, etc. Advantages, the stainless steel (304, 316) manufacturing of the whole machine meets the requirements of GMP.

The vacuum feeder is an equipment that conveys powder or granular materials to packaging machines, mixers, injection molding machines, crushers and other equipment.

Interval discharge: Generally, it is to feed independent equipment, the investment cost is relatively low, and the vacuum conveying system is relatively simple.

Working principle

The vacuum feeder uses a vortex air pump to pump air, so that the inlet of the suction nozzle and the entire system are in a certain vacuum state. The powder and granular materials are sucked into the nozzle along with the outside air to form a flow of material, and reach the hopper through the suction pipe. Separate gas and material in the process The separated materials enter the receiving equipment. Feeding one-discharging is completed by continuously opening and closing the pneumatic three-way valve, and the opening and closing of the pneumatic three-way valve is controlled by a circulating time relay.

The machine is equipped with a compressed air blowback device. Each time the material is discharged, the compressed air pulse blows back the filter cloth bag to knock down the powder adsorbed on the surface of the cloth bag to ensure the normal operation of the suction material.


1. The advantages of easy loading and unloading, easy cleaning, low noise, and dust-free transportation;

2. There is no delamination, and the material soft landing particles are not damaged;

3. Simple operation, sanitary and clean, no dead ends, easy to clean:

4. The building block structure, the inner and outer walls are polished, and the materials are not bonded;

5. Economical, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and a good working environment helps increase productivity

Device parameters

Vacuum feeder

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